Lyn Sato

Lyn Sato

Imperial Intelligance
Code name:
Cipher 0

A young voilet-eyed lethan twi'lek named Lyn'nsato was found and captured in a small alley on Ryloth. For three years, the girl was transported from one planet to another, being resold multiple times. At the age of twelve, Lyn made an attempt to escape, but she was caught and then owner ordered the girl's legs to be cut off at the knees as punishment and replaced with prostheses. It was then that Lyn's connection with the Force manifested itself - six people who surrounded the Twi'lek fell dead, struck by a powerful mental Force-wave. Some time after that, the same slaver brought Lyn to a nearby planet, handing over the girl to the imperial authorities. Less than half a year later, Lyn was brought to Korriban - the cradle of the Sith, to undergo training under the instructions of the masters in the Sith Academy. Here Lyn faced many trials and obstacles - fierce rivalry among the acolytes, rotten to the core pyramid of power inside Academy and insanely hard trainings. For every achievement twi'lek recieved a special tattoo - which she was extremely proud of. Soon, the girl was noticed by Darth Tormen - a Sith whose only passion was war. On his orders, new legs were created for young twi'lek, using Empire's lates biotechnology and replacing old prostheses. Since then, Lyn Sato participated in a numerous battles under his leadership, and executed or killed more than a few people from different segments of pyramid of power, both among the Republic and the Empire.

Eighteen years after arriving on Korriban, Lyn joins the Imperial Intelligence. The Great Galactic War was drawing to an end, but the conflicts between the Republic and the Empire has not vanished.  As one of the few Sith in this organization, Lyn Sato was given the codename Cipher Zero, after which her previous data was removed from the Imperial database. The girl became one of the invisible hands of Imperial intelligence, reporting directly to Keeper and performing various jobs throughout the galaxy.

Lyn has a strict personality. From a conscious childhood, she was raised in difficult conditions, where her composure, intelligence and, in rare cases, rage were tested. Twi'lek has learned to control outbursts of emotions and use them for  her own purposes. Thinking outside the box, the girl considers the situations at hand  from different angles and approaches each one individually. Lyn does not forget to use her appearance - one of the strongest weapons in her arsenal.  Despite the prevalence of red lightsabers among the Sith, Lyn uses at least a dozen different hilts with different kyber crystals depending on the situation. Her favorites are a pair of curved blades with a rare black kyber crystal cut in half, which she obtained from a merchant in the Unknown Regions. The handle of the lightsaber is slightly curved and made in such a way that the hilt itself could be hidden in a specially modified blaster of the MK-1 or MK-2 series. The blade is thin and almost invisible in the dark, which greatly facilitates work in specific conditions. Twi'lek clothing varies from job to job, but in a relaxed setting, Lyn wears either an Imperial uniform or a dark-colored tunic.


Sith Sorcery
Lyn is a skilled sorceress who uses her knowledge to hide herself and others in an aura of a false light side, to drive people insane, to deceive their feelings, or to simply hide her presence in the Force.

Force Lightning

Channeling the Power of the Dark Side through herself, the Sith can emit lightning bolts of extraordinary power from the tips of her fingers. Lyn had mastered the art so well that it is not difficult to burn the target to the ground.

Blaster Weapon Mastery

Sometimes a rifle or blaster is much more useful than a lightsaber. Lyn had mastered a variety of different blaster-type weapons and can use them freely.

Diplomacy and Rhetoric

In the highest echelons of Imperial intelligence, skills such as diplomacy and rhetoric are irreplaceable.